15 Crazy And Weird FACTS About THE LION KING

In this video we will see the great Simba and company to find out some secrets that not many know about The Lion King and his characters, curiosities and the occasional surprise. Without further ado we go with video.

They wanted to be hyenas!
While some hated hyenas, others wanted to interpret them, as is the case with Nathan Lane and Ernie Sabella.

A different title?
At first they wanted to call him The King of the Jungle.

A different plot?
Yes, even if you don’t believe it, the initial plot focused on a confrontation between lions and baboons.

Total success!
The Lion King was so successful that it raised in its premiere more than 768 million dollars worldwide.

The martyrdom of the stampede
I am sure that shouted the filmmakers of the wildebeest scene when they heard about the tremendous project that came upon them.

Did you know…?
The development of the hero and the villain is a very important stage, so the animators decided to create them separately.

Everything was going to be different
George Scribner, who was initially director of the film, wanted it to be an animated feature film similar to the National Geographic documentaries.

Not suitable for children
The plot was not going to be sooo childish than we say.

What they never told you
We all love this song “Be prepared”, although it was not always the first option. At the beginning it was considered the song Thanks to me.

Urban legend
There is a hidden message in the scene that Simba throws himself on the grass and the petals.

It was not planned
“Hakuna Matata!” A masterful anthem! However, the song that was written for the duo was “He’s Got It All Worked Out”

When this movie was released in Japan, many thought it was a vile copy of the animated series Kimba, the White Lion.

Number one
Since Frozen arrived with his “let it go, let it go”, it became the highest grossing of all time.

Timón and Pumba have become the soul, heart and life of this great animated film.

The mania of Pumba (Pumbaa)
I love Pumba, and I know you do too. I mean, who couldn’t love him? His charisma and sympathy are unprecedented.

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