Healthiest Foods at a Health Food Store You Can Buy

John from shares with you the healthiest foods at a health food store that you can buy.

In this episode, John visits The Hungry Elephant in Warkworth, New Zealand to share with you the healthiest foods you can purchase at a health food store.

You will discover the healthiest vitamins, supplements, superfoods, salt, sugar, oil and spaghetti.

Along the way, you will discover the concept of Good, Better, Best and how you can always improve your diet by moving towards healthier foods. You will learn how John rates various foods on his health continuum scale.

John will give you a tour of the store sharing with you the healthiest alternatives to some of the most common health food items at the store.

You will also get John’s commentary on many products at a health food store that will enable you and your family to eat healthier.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
06:06 Start of Health Food Tour
06:30 Compost Your Own Dog Waste
07:00 Use Healthier Options for Your Home Products
08:15 Best Superfoods in the Health Food Store
09:00 Problem with Organic Foods
10:30 Best Powders to Include in your Diet
14:05 My opinions on Supplements
14:50 Best Vitamin Vitamin C Supplement
16:30 Best Vitamin D Supplement
19:57 Best Vitamin B12 Supplement
22:26 Best Way to Get Sodium in Your Diet
28:45 Best Way to Get Sugar in Your Diet
37:10 Best Way to Get Healthy Fats in Your Diet
42:22 Best Spaghetti to Purchase at the health food store
44:37 Best Bags to use when you go to the grocery store

After watching this episode, you will know some of the healthiest foods you can purchase at the health food store.

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