YOSEMITE WATERFALLS 4K: "Kindred Spirit of Yosemite" Nature Relaxation Music Video ft Deuter

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ABOUT: Let the Majesty of Yosemite’s sacred waterfalls simultaneously rejuvenate your senses and wash away all of your cares & worries with this 4K UHD Nature Relaxation™ video. Synchronized to a masterfully produced ambient score called “Kindred Spirit” by Deuter, the invigorating journey begins at the base of Lower Yosemite Falls, where the mystical winds and waters combine to create a magnificent display of Yosemite’s spirit – which subtly reminds us to “let go” and to become as free as the water that graciously falls onto the paradise that surrounds us. MUSIC INFO: “Kindred Spirit” is from the album Eternity, and spans the width and breadth of the last fourteen years in Deuter’s music career, illustrating both the artist’s abundance of talent spread across a wide spectrum of styles as well as his singular musical vision. Purchase Eternity at: http://www.newearthrecords.com/music-store/all-products/eternity |
One can almost feel the mysterious yet redeeming essence of Nature exuding from this video, which may best be described by Goethe:

“Life’s pulses beat with fresh vitality,
and gently greet the sky’s first glimmering;
you also, Earth, have lasted out this night
and breathe new-quickened there below,
compassing me already with inchoate joy.
You rouse and stir a vigorous resolve
to strive henceforth towards being’s highest form. –
But now the light of dawn unveils the world:
the woods resound with myriads of living voices;
everywhere valleys are filled with streaks of fog,
but still the heavens’ brightness penetrates their depths,
and from the misty chasm where they slept
fresh-quickened boughs and branches have burst forth;
muted no more, color on color emerges in the dell
where trembling pearls drench every leaf and flower-
all that surrounds me forms a paradise!”
-Goethe (from Faust, Act II)

Music © Deuter / New Earth Records http://www.youtube.com/newearthrecords
Filmed on the Canon 1DC by David Huting. More info and purchasing options available at: http://www.NatureRelaxation.com


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